God’s Ways and Man’s Methods
of Becoming Holy, Contrasted
Isaiah Reid
Editor of THE HIGHWAY,[1]
And Late Pastor[2] of the Presbyterian Church,
Nevada, Iowa

Originally published from The Highway Office

Transcribed and annotated by Jim Kerwin
Co-edited with Denise Kerwin
Copyright © 2010


In answer to the request of many readers of THE HIGHWAY, in which the bulk of the matter of the following pages first appeared, and in hopes that greater numbers may be reached and influenced for good, they are hereby sent forth in permanent form.  May the God of all Grace bless these pages to all who read them.  Your brother in Jesus,

Nevada, Iowa, July 16, 1880[3]


Endnotes for Introductory
God’s Ways and Man’s Methods
of Becoming Holy, Contrasted

1 The Highway was a weekly holiness periodical (probably tabloid size, either four or eight pages, as the copy required) published by Isaiah Reid.  The publication was first issued, from 1875 to 1879, as a monthly periodical called Highway Papers.  (In Reid’s day, the word “papers” was a synonym for “essays.”  He also made use of the word in his series called Sunnyside Papers.)  From 1879, when the name changed to The Highway, the paper was published weekly until 1890, when it combined with an Illinois-based paper called Banner of Holiness, and became known as Highway and Banner.  In each case, “the highway” referred to is “the highway of holiness” mentioned in Isaiah 35:8.

2 Late Pastor: Reid was ousted from his pulpit in Nevada, Iowa in late 1877 because of his teaching of holiness (along the lines presented in this booklet).

3 The date—July 16, 1880—is important to note, because it shows the publication date to be barely three months before Reid was tried by the Presbytery of Waterloo (Iowa) for “heresy” (the heresy of preaching heart purity!) and was found “guilty on all counts.”  This small book, God’s Ways and Man’s Methods of Becoming Holy, Contrasted, was no doubt an apologion published with the upcoming trial in view (even though the outcome of the trial was a foregone conclusion).  A transcript of the trial will appear in the forthcoming biography, Isaiah Reid: Portrait of a Prairie Prophet of Purity.


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