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t’s a fact of life that active websites are a growing, dynamic medium, requiring “tender, loving care,” energy, and lots of time.  (In the case of this one, it also necessitates a fair amount of prayer, study, writing, and rudimentary audio engineering.)  It’s also a fact of life that this is a labor of love, done in our “spare time” (a rare commodity here at Chaos Cottage).  Still, if you’ll “let patience have her perfect work” and check back according to the following schedule, we trust your patience will be rewarded.

Percy Gutteridge Material in Process and Planning

  • The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: an eleven-part overview of the Book of Revelation (2014)

Jim Kerwin Material in Process and Planning

  • Upcoming Audio Files
    • Jim is blogging and doing a weekly podcast called Kernels of Wheat on our podcasting site,  He’s currently teaching through the First Epistle of John.  Upcoming episodes include:
      • 1 John 2:18-29—“Many Antichrists”? (Mar 2012)
  • “The John the Baptist Experience” Series
    • Part 1: Why Was John the Baptist? (30 April 2012)
    • Part 2: John the Baptist = Elijah? “I don’t get it!” (30 June 2012)
    • Part 3: [Title Pending] (31 July 2012)
    • Part 4: [Title Pending] (31 August 2012)
    • Part 5: [Title Pending] (30 September 2012)
  • Evangelical Myths Series:
    • The Gates of Hell (2012)
  • The Hearing God Series:
    • Part 3: God’s Prescription for a Noisy Generation—Quiet! (2012)
    • Part 4: How to Get Quiet and Listen (2012)
    • Part 5: How to Avoid “Going Off the Deep End” (2012)

Isaiah Reid Material in Process and Planning

  • The Story of Wilda Weeks (beginning July 2012)


Upcoming Audio Book Chapters

  • Helps to Holiness by Samuel Logan Brengle


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