Thou Thinkest, Lord, of Me
Edmund S. Lorenz

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Psalm 40:17

Amid the trials that I meet,
Amid the thorns that pierce my feet,
One thought remains supremely sweet:
Thou thinkest, Lord, of me!


Thou thinkest, Lord, of me!
Thou thinkest, Lord, of me!
What need I fear when Thou art near,
And thinkest, Lord, of me!

The cares of life come thronging fast,
Upon my soul their shadows cast;
Their gloom reminds my heart at last—
Thou thinkest, Lord, of me!

Let shadows come, let shadows go,
Let life be bright, or dark with woe,
I am content, for this I know—
Thou thinkest, Lord, of me!



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